An Introduction, Sort of 

Hello there

I don’t like introductions

Which is probably not a good way to introduce myself,

but it must be said for—I really could care less for them

I’d rather hear about someone’s favorite book

or their favorite book to movie adaptation 

(which was better?)

So here’s my favorite book,

besides Harry Potter

It’s The Darkest Part of the Forest by Holly Black


No, it’s not perfect. Yeah, the ending could have been better

But it was one

of the first books I discovered

through bookstagram

Entranced by the cover and premise,

I was more than ready to dive into the deliciously dark

story of a girl who vowed to save the world

but forgot herself.


There’s just something about

stories with forests and magic 

that I can’t help but adore

like The Raven Cycle

or Uprooted and The Bear and the Nightingale,

Spinning Silver.

You get the idea.

I have a soft spot for fantasy, fairytales,

Hereos and heroines

Monsters and villains.

What can I say


What about you?

What do you like to read into the late hours of dawn?

What kinds of books do you start and finish in one sitting,

that linger in your mind

still to this day,

tell me 

all about it.

Hello my name is Cherry and when I was in middle school I kept a notebook for writing poems about anything and everything. I'm not sure when I stopped writing poetry and I can't say I was ever actually any good at it, but it was fun nonetheless. This post in particular was a bit of an accident. I decided to keep it though in case anyone else might like it too. If you'd like to read my actual introduction post, check it out here: