(My Actual) Introduction

Welcome to Haku & Books!

And firstly, thank you for stopping by, Haku & I really appreciate it <3

You may know me as @_forevermint on Instagram or Twitter (which is a bit weird since I hardly use it) or maybe you're a #litten and know me from there or you used to follow my old blog on Wordpress or you know me from the few bullet journal videos I made on YouTube, either way, I'm here to tell you a few things about myself and let you know what this blog is going to be all about!

 Logo designed by  @_jiraxhi

Logo designed by @_jiraxhi

You're probably wondering why...

I decided to blog all of a sudden? For me, it wasn't a sudden choice but a gradual realization that something in my life was missing. I have a lot of hobbies, most of which involve creating something whether that's DIY projects, journaling, crafts or writing and when I'm not doing one of those things I start to go a little crazy.

All my life I've been devouring books but had no one to discuss them with, then in 2015 the bookstagram community found me and I started blogging, opening the doors to this magical new world. Unfortunately going back to school and working took a lot of time away from blogging and I had to give it up temporarily. BUT, I'm back now and more excited than ever.

Also, I've got a new friend who is partly the inspiration for this whole thing--yes, it's Haku. I can't believe that eight months ago, his head was smaller than my thumb and now he's 18 inches long and reminds me of a curious cat who likes to spend his days looking out the window and plotting the end of the world (or dreaming of eating bugs, who knows?). 

So what's all this about anyway? 

Well, since it's in the name, this blog will be featuring a lot of Haku and books for sure. Books are pretty much a given because the bookish life is the only sort of life I know and I will always love sharing my favorite books with the world. Though this time, I will be branching out more and reviewing books for young children as well! I've always focused on young adult books and fantasy novels in the past because those are my favorite genres but I've recently been taking classes on Children's literature and I've been reading TONS of children's books (board books, picture books, fairy tales, etc.). I also feel as though my reading preferences are changing and I want to document the exploration of all the new books I've been reading and what I hope to read in the future. 

As for Haku, I want to share more about him not just because I love him and think he's the coolest pet ever but also because not that long ago I was afraid of reptiles. Okay, I'm still afraid of some reptiles (especially snakes), but I've definitely made a lot of progress! And really I have only one person to thank/blame and that's my animal-loving boyfriend who has been keeping reptiles since he was a small child. When we first started dating he had two small lizards who I was afraid of until I saw them DOING PUSHUPS. How does one stay afraid of tiny little lizards doing pushups?!

I won't go too much into how I ended up getting Haku in this post but long story short, taking care of Haku has made me grow so much as a person. I want people to see Haku and think, "wow that's cool," rather than be afraid of him and think he's scary or creepy because Haku is harmless. His way of greeting you is by licking your finger and sometimes he misses. If I had never gotten over my fear of lizards, I never would have experienced the joy of raising this tiny little bean into this huge chubby bean. 

I didn't think getting Haku changed my life all that much (except for the fact that I was constantly worrying about keeping him alive) until people around me kept asking me why I suddenly seemed so much happier. That's when I realized I needed Haku just as much as he needed me. 

What to look forward to:

  • bookish life posts
  • book reviews
  • book recommendations
  • book lists
  • bookstagram tips
  • stories about Haku
  • reptile expos
  • guest posts
  • and more!

Thank you!

This was a lengthy introduction so if you made it this far, YOU ARE AMAZING! I hope you enjoyed this post & I hope to see you again soon! Feel free to leave a comment letting me know how you found my blog & your handle if you're from Instagram, Twitter, Goodreads, etc. 

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